Thursday, February 20, 2014

Drug fees surge under PPACA, report says

A HealthPocket study released Thursday finds that copayments and co-insurance fees for drugs increased an average of 34 percent under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And enrollees who use brand-name drugs and specialty drugs are getting hit much harder with rising costs.
That was the finding after researchers examined new PPACA health plans from 46 states and compared the prices to those from the pre-PPACA individual insurance market.
According to HealthPocket, a company that provides health plan comparisons to consumers, all of the four new health plan categories under the law saw drug cost-sharing increases. Bronze health insurance plans saw the highest increase, 58 percent, while platinum health insurance plans had the lowest, 15 percent.
Researchers broke down the price differences pre- and post-reform by drug category, and there are some discrepancies. For example, generic drug copays increased 42 percent in a bronze plan, but decreased by 36 percent for enrollees in a platinum plan.  Click here to read more...

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